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The project is made up of several stages in various parts of the world; in the end one multicultural work will include all the intermediary creations. The first stage was Malta Festival Poznan 2013. The hero of the project is an ordinary person, their emotions and momentary consciousness of participation in a creative process. The action does not seek to answer the eternal questions of: Who is the artist? What is art? What is more important - the creative process or the work? It only is to encourage reflection and show (document) subtle experiences of all participants. At the same time, it becomes a pretext for further discussion. Participants invited to the project was gave GPS localisation devices. Each of them was moved around the city and ‘draw’ a graph with their everyday life, a part of the final film. Traces left by each of the participants was transformed by the artist as his graphic inspiration tells him. Participants (citizens, residents and artists of the festival - Jan Lauwers, Grace Ellen Barkey, Romeo Castellucci, Guido Lauwaert, Diana Fiedler, Beata Wrona, Julia Renczyńska, Nawojka Chałupińska, Kuba Krüger, Bogdan Renczyński, Aniela Radtke, Zbigniew Łowżył) was also filmed by the author. Five minutes long portraits were collected in a one-hour film, which was presented at the Freedom Square during the Festival.
Live music: Irek Wojtczak    ► TRAILER


The second edition of the project has been realized  the border of three states: Germany / France / Switzerland.
Fragments paths of everyday life participants were used for the Pictogram who was painted by the author in
the courtyard of the first, historic building, Zaha Hadid at Vitra Museum. In  the end of all editing of the project
the square and Pictogram will be excavated and reconstructed in the gallery. Each line and impressions of
participants have been documented on film.


“Look! Life doesn’t exist only here, but da, da…(there, there)!” - Krakow 2011 Film projection with live orchestra
performance. Directed by Wojtek Radtke, music by Slawek Jaskulke - one of the most accomplished Polish composers.
Projected onto the wall of the Royal Castle, this one hour-long spectacle inspired by the work of Tadeusz Kantor,
is a subtle composition of beautiful images of the heaving sea, sensual music and a thrilling performance by the actors
of Kantor’s Cricot 2 theatre. Encased in a surreal form, it evokes the memory of the brilliant artist and inspires reflection.


Film portraits of women from Wielopole in context the art "Rebeca Ma Mere" directed by Bogdan Renczynski
(Polish French team). Women talked about his life. Audiovisual projections took place on the walls of houses,

facades, walls in randomareas of the city during the day. Without notice. The statements have been translated
into French language (text editing)




2015 ITALY, MILANO EXPO / BOOK CITY “Tutti a tavola”
“Expressing” video/installation/poetry. Poem of Miron Białoszewski was cast of chocolates (manufacture -Tomasz Deker)
different and surprising flavors can be consumed during / after the screening.
The aim of the project was a confusion of the senses.    ► TRAILER



TRACES part VI „TRY” Wroclaw 2016,

European Capital of Culture, Barbara Gallery.
The exhibition / happening Wojciech Radtke „TRY” goes beyond the standard criteria. For many years the artist is leading multi-step process of research in the area of the senses, sensations and emotions known under the name: “Ślady”/”Traces”

In his implementations the artist is trying to seek the truth, the internal borders, common penetration and impact of the senses. His gentle provocations dispones participants to reflect, to hush, to internal amusement with themselves, and often to the therapeutic effects of thoughts and decisions. By changing the context of trying to give the usual daily operations and events a new dimension of interpretation, which takes them to the area of art. Mutated world increasingly leads us to look for the sources of many processes. Our senses are the subject of surrounding usstereotypes,reality, canons, fashions, cultural traditions or deformation. They lost their freedom of penetration. They are away from the instinct. They lined up in pairs.
Eyesight together with hearing, sight withsmell, sense of smell with touch, taste, vision and so on. We learned to recognize the world according to established, ready and consolidated principles. The artist tries to ignore this template. Thru the short while he proposes to Reset the intensity of previous experience and enter into a new situation. Each participant had the opportunity to embark a pleasant journey into the unknown regions of his own imagination. The main protagonists of this event were ourselves, our senses. The deeper we reached in the recesses of our consciousness during the artistic - culinary happening, the stronger the impression accompanied us.The pretext for this trip were well known Polish/Gdansk artists, musicians, and a specifically the opportunity to taste each of them (edible artefacts) through which this journey was possible.
Each of the guests during the exhibition could try Tymon Tymański, Irek Wojtczak, Slawek Jaskułke, Reni Jusis, Lena Wojtczak, Paulus Mazur while listening to their music.